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Technical Textiles - Kusumgar Corporates

Kusumgar Corporates has over 200 technical highly-skilled and experienced employees. This includes R&Dpersonnel, floor technicians, field workers, as well as a managing staff engaged in production planning, marketing, sales administration and account representatives, to bring you the finest quality technical textiles in India.

We use only the most advanced conventional shuttle looms, Dornier Rigid Rapier Looms, as well as Sulzer Flexible Rapier Looms and Sulzer Projectile Weaving Machines. It all begins with a wide variety of specialty textiles and fabric materials including: synthetic filament yarns ranging from conventional polyamide and polyester yarns to specialty rayon, polyamide and polyester filament yarns to poly-aramid yarns.

Kusumgar weaves fine denier from 30D to as coarse as 3000D yarns. We can also weave widths up to 5 meters and supply fabric rolls of 2000 meters without joints and supply fabrics in slitted form with heat sealed selvedges in desired widths to meet specific client needs.

Our plant is equipped with a processing facility for scouring, bleaching, dyeing and printing with open and closed jiggers, jet dyeing machines and stenters with both pin and clip facilities. Coating and laminating are available for various polymers such as: vinyl, acrylics, urethanes, silicones, etc. Coatings are imparted by air knife, knife-over-roll and gravure system. A quality control lab, equipped with a yarn and fabric tensile tester, air porosity machine, fire retardant tester, hydrostatic dome and head tester, to name a few, ensure every customer's satisfaction.

Kusumgar Corporates recognizes that continuous infrastructural development is a key to success in any industry. Over the years we have implemented a full-scale R&D laboratory, manufacturing/weaving facilities along with a processing and finishing plant, redefining our role from a weaver and coater to a total textile solution provider.

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