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Kusumgar Corporates

Kusumgar Corporates is today an acknowledged leader in the highly niche Technical and Specialized Textiles sphere. In 1970, Mr. Yogesh Kusumgar gauged the phenomenal potential of a market which was then at a very nascent stage. Starting small, but thinking big, he started a business to meet the challenging needs of an ever-changing textile industry. The agility to offer customized solutions coupled with world-class quality and highly competitive prices propelled the company to a leadership position in a short span of time.

Kusumgar Corporates has proven credentials in the arena of specialized textiles with a very comprehensive range of textiles for a wide spectrum of applications. Over the decades, the company has delighted customers with a diverse range that includes: cordura fabrics, custom fabrics, geo-synthetics, recreational fabrics, parachute fabrics, protective fabrics, ballistic fabrics, filter fabrics, parasail fabrics, impression fabrics, and medical textile fabrics.

The astounding success of the early years enabled the company to further consolidate its position in the market. Manufacturing capacities were consistently expanded using the finest technologies and equipment. The company also integrated forward to facilitate greater value addition of its product range while retaining complete control over quality standards and delivery schedules.

The transition from being a weaver to a coater of specialized fabrics gave the company the confidence to ascend to the next level. Today Kusumgar is an accomplished manufacturer of specialized textiles and is also a highly respected knowledge provider and a total solutions consultant in the complex technical textiles industry in India.


To transform the lives of the people through innovation of textile technologies.


To create the delight in the lives of all stakeholders.


We treat others as we expect to be treated…
Embracing diverse cultures, communities and points of view.


that makes a difference
We identify, develop and deploy leading edge technology, employee development programs and process improvement tools.

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The best solutions come from working together
Effective teamwork demands strong Relationships, Respect and Sharing


Do the right thing…. Always
We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, consumers, vendors.


Safety begins and ends with each employee.
We take responsibility for our own safety and for those around us. We recognize and correct potential hazards.

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Joint Ventures

SaatiKusumgar India Pvt. Ltd.

Saati, Italy is a leading global player in Filtration and Ballistic Textiles. SaatiKusumgar India Pvt. Ltd. was formed in March 2009 to cater to the Asian markets for ballistic textiles. The major activity is to manufacture Kevlar fabrics for DuPont which uses SKIPL facilities for testing and warehousing.

Toray Kusumgar Advance Textiles

Toray is a Japanese multinational company, mainly in the fields of Chemicals, Textiles, Ceramics, etc. Toray Kusumgar Advanced Textiles (TKAT) was formed in September 2014 for the manufacture of Airbag Fabrics in India with an investment of 20 Million USD. The major customers include:Autoliv, Toyoda-Gosei, Hyundai-Mobis to name a few.

Over the years, Kusumgar Corporates has rigorously scouted the market for the finest technologies which can be easily adopted in India. It has also set up joint ventures and entered into long term agreements with many reputed companies in India and abroad.


Located in the state of Gujarat, 150 kilometres from Mumbai; Kusumgar Corporates has the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for Weaving, Dyeing, Finishing, Printing, Coating and Lamination. Our weaving facilities includes the most advanced Tsudakoma Water-jet looms, Dornier and Sulzer Rapier looms with a capacity of producing over 20 million meters per annum.

We weaves fabrics from fine denier from 10D to as coarse as 3000D yarns. We can supply fabric rolls of 4000 meters without joints and supply fabrics in slitted form with heat slitted selvedge in desired widths.

Matching to the capacities of Weaving, our finishing plant is equipped with facilities for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, heat setting and calendaring.

Various finishes like Water Resistant, DWR, Flame retardant, Anti-fungal, Anti-Microbial, Silicone, Anti-static, Anti-odour, Moisture Management and many more can be imparted as per the client needs. Coatings and Laminations are available for various polymers such as: vinyls, acrylics, urethanes, silicones, TPU, etc.

We are equipped with in-house testing laboratory to check all the Physical and Chemical parameters. All our fabrics goes through stringent quality checks at each stage to make sure the customer gets the desired product and are constantly monitored by online ERP system.

Kusumgar recognizes that continuous infrastructural development is a key to success in any industry. Our team of over 300 highly skilled and experienced employees are committed to bring you the finest quality of textiles.